DLDC announces the return of the Marie Keating Foundation Information Unit to Donegal



Donegal Local Development Company Ltd (DLDC) is a well established Local Development Company with a proven track record in the delivery of major funding programmes.  The company currently delivers some ten EU and Government funded programmes, with service delivery extended into the Gaeltacht catchment since 2012 on the Rural Development Programme (LEADER) as well as the Local and Community Development Programme.

The Local and Community Development Programme 2014, is one of the key programmes the company delivers, which aims to tackle poverty and social exclusion through partnership and constructive engagement between Government, its agencies and people in disadvantaged communities. Over the past number of years, DLDC has positively fostered a partnership with the Marie Keating Foundation, through the Local and Community Development Programme helping to raise awareness of their service, and more importantly bringing the service to the people of Donegal. This has proved very successful with over 100 people accessing the service within local communities over the past number of years.

DLDC is delighted to announce the return of the Marie Keating Mobile Information Unit to the Killybegs area, as follows:

Date Venue Time
Thursday 1st May 2014 Supervalu Car Park, Killybegs 11.00 to 3.00pm



Established in 1998 by the Keating family, following the death of their mother from breast cancer, family members promised that they would do everything they could to bring an end to breast cancer. They committed to provide all women and their families with the necessary information to prevent cancer or detect it at its earliest stages. Their collective aim was making cancer less frightening by enlightening. The Marie Keating Foundation is the realisation of a family’s dedication.

From small beginnings the Foundation now educates men and women in relation to each of the key cancers, to include breast, cervical, skin, lung, prostate, bowel and testicular cancer. The Foundation focuses on cancers that are affected by lifestyle choices and its nurses work hard to ensure that men and women are made aware of the importance of a healthy lifestyle as well as early detection as a key preventative measure.

The Foundation relies on fundraising to provide its services as it receives no government funding.  The Mobile Information Unit has a welcome area where people can step on, take a seat and wait to see the Nurse. It should be noted that this is not a screening service.

The Mobile Unit is equipped with take home information leaflets on Bowel, Lung, Skin, Testicular, Prostate, Cervical, Ovarian and Breast cancer.  A nurse is available to talk to one to one basis with members of the public in a private area about any concerns you have about cancer for yourself, a relative, work colleague or neighbour.

If you, a family member, relative or neighbour has a health concern, please come along and visit this service. It is free and confidential, and could potentially help save your life or those of a loved one.