ICA Donegal Federation’s 4th Annual Crafts Day

Members of Irish Countrywomen’s Association (ICA) Guilds from throughout the county converged on Henderson Hall in Stranorlar last weekend to participate in the ICA Donegal Federation’s 4th Annual Crafts Day.

And a number of them were accompanied by young daughters and granddaughters who may one day become ICA members in their own right.

“It was open to mothers, daughters, and granddaughters,” Olive Parke, ICA Donegal Federation Arts and Crafts Promoter, said. “We opened it up to non-ICA members just to get them interested in what we’re doing and to promote ICA to the younger generation.”

“I have two granddaughters and a daughter here, so I think I’m doing my bit!” said Florence Roulston of the Taughboyne Guild.

The event, which was supported by Donegal Local Development Company, took place on the International Day of Rural Women 2016. “The idea of it was to bring women in who may be isolated as a way of letting them know what a resource the ICA is for helping women to feel connected to each other and to their communities,” said Margaret Larkin of DLDC.

Participants of all ages sat around tables at the event, chatting and laughing as they worked on making crafts together, including creating Christmas tree ornaments out of recycled milk caps with fabric sewn onto them.

“Sometimes activities can be expensive for families, whereas with something like the Christmas tree ornaments you’re making something and recycling at the same time,” said Maureen McLaughlin, another Taughboyne Guild member. “I think it’s very important for young people to see that you can use materials in another way…they don’t just have to go in the bin.”