Young Donegal businessman credits support of Enterprise Scheme for his outstanding success


Ask Peter Mullaney, 26, the secret to the skyrocketing success of his promotional video company, Mullaney Media, and you might be surprised by the answer.
After only three years in business, Peter has become well known in Donegal and beyond for his high-quality short videos that convey the stories of businesses, weddings, festivals, and more through well-chosen images and music.
He has also developed videos for the HSE, Mental Health Ireland, Pieta House, and others which bring important health-related messages to life for viewers.
“Something I’m very passionate about is mental health in Ireland,” said Peter, who created an uplifting video about Connect Mental Health’s recent “Inspire Hope” conference for TY students at the Abbey Hotel. “I really enjoy helping people provide information that’s so important.”
Key to Peter’s current success are the strong interest he’s always had in working with video and his completion of a three-year programme in Film and TV Production at Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology in 2013.
But credit for helping him turn his passion and training into a viable business, he says, is all down to the support he received while on the Back to Work Enterprise Allowance (BTWEA) Scheme run by the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection (DEASP) in partnership with Donegal Local Development CLG (DLDC).
“Coming out of school with a Film and TV Production degree there was no steady employment in the field, and the work I was doing I wasn’t getting paid for,” said Peter, who lives in Mullinasole, Laghey. “After being unemployed for a while I said, ‘You know what? I’m going to look into setting up my own business.’”
Initial prospects seemed dim: one enterprise official told him he’d need €10,000 and that his business idea wasn’t original enough to have much chance of success.
Luckily Peter met an entirely different reception the day he walked into the office of Louise Brogan, DLDC Employment and Enterprise Co-ordinator.
“Coming in as a shy 23-year-old in 2014, I was blown away by Louise’s passion and enthusiasm,” Peter said. “She really cares about every client. If I didn’t have the support of someone like Louise I wouldn’t be where I am today with my business.”
Since 1996 Louise and other members of the DLDC Enterprise team have helped approximately 2,600 budding business owners transform their ideas into realities through initiatives including the BTWEA Scheme, which allows social welfare recipients to continue receiving benefits during the first two years that they are setting up a business.
The scheme also provides an initial two-day “Start Your Own Business” workshop, one-on-one mentoring, networking opportunities, practical courses in business ownership, and access to a DEASP Enterprise Support Grant worth up to €2,500.
“What the BTWEA Scheme has done for a lot of people is to help get them on track,” Louise said. “According to research by the Department of Social Protection, 80 per cent of the scheme participants are successful either in running their own business or in moving on to permanent employment.”
Donegal success stories on the scheme include that of Derek Walker, who last year became the first ever winner of the national Irish Local Development Network Enterprise Award with his Simply Natural Health business.
And the person who produced the video that helped Derek make his case to the judges was none other than Peter Mullaney.
“Peter created a brilliant video that got across everything Derek was about,” Louise said. “All of the contestants were asked the same six questions; Peter’s video answered those questions through telling the story of Derek and his business.”
It’s now one year since Peter finished up on the BTWEA Scheme and Mullaney Media is going from strength to strength as a fully self-supporting enterprise with the motto “If you can dream it, we can do it”. A sampling of videos by the company can be found at

and on a Mullaney Media Facebook page. “Being on the scheme helped me in a lot of ways, including with my self-esteem,” Peter said. “It gave me the confidence to do everything needed to run a successful business, like meeting clients, pricing, bookkeeping, and networking. I would recommend to anyone: If you have a business idea, go to Louise and she’ll definitely set you in the right direction.” “Peter was enthusiastic but very nervous when he first came in,” Louise said. “Now he is like a different man…he has moved into being a mature businessman. I couldn’t be prouder of him if he was my own son.” More information about the BTWEA Scheme is available by ringing Louise Brogan at DLDC on (074) 972 3368.

Peter Mullaney of Mullaney Media.

Santy is just one of the many celebrities captured on video by Peter Mullaney, with others including actor Sean McGinley, broadcaster John Creedon, hotelier Francis Brennan, and boxer Jason Quigley.