Social Farming Information Session in Donegal

DLDC Staff including CEO, SICAP, RSS and TÚS supervisors attended a recent presentation in Letterkenny by Irene Kavanagh – Co-ordinator Kerry Social Farming.

The aim of the Kerry Social Farming Project is to give adults with disabilities the opportunity to engage with farm families, thus facilitating social inclusion in the rural community, provide new opportunities and meet their personal life choices. In this way Kerry Social Farming is informed and directed by current Irish policies on the inclusion, participation and engagement of people who avail of on-going health and social support services. Uniquely, the social farming model in Kerry is underpinned by a voluntary ethos whereby host farmers generously offer their time voluntarily to support participants engage in farming activities and the community, thus enhancing real relationships and the sustainability of the project. Kerry Social Farming is operationally steered by a Working Group comprised of voluntary and agency representatives as follows: social farm participants (adults with disabilities), host farmers, St John of Gods Kerry, Kerry Parents and Friends Association, Enable Ireland, Down Syndrome Ireland (Kerry), Cunamh Iveragh, Kerry County Council, HSE, North East West Kerry Development Partnership, South Kerry Development Partnership.

Irene Kavanagh provided the following presentation at the Social Farming Information Session

Mags and Tim go to Eamonn’s farm every Wednesday. Insight into Kerry Social Farming: