FREE Internet Safety Talks for Parents

Parents often admire how easily their child can use the Internet – but aren’t quite sure of what they are doing or seeing.

This Internet Safety Talk for Parents looks at how young people use the internet and how to protect them. Parents will be introduced to strategies to help their children be responsible, effective and safer Internet users.

The Internet Safety Talk will also show parents how to disable or enable safety mode on their computers and be more familiar with Apps and software young people are using. It will look at Setting rules and boundaries around young people’s Internet usage. Not only is it an important aspect of keeping them safe on-line but also has an impact on their mental health and overall well being.

FREE Talks will take place as follows:

30th April 2018 @ 7.30pm Bundoran Community Centre, Main Street Bundoran  (Contact Aisling on or 086 8257549)

1st May 2018 @7.30pm– St Johnston & Carrigans FRC, Church Street, St Johnston (Contact Aisling or 086 8257549)

8th May 2018 @7.30pm– Rathmullan – Venue to be confirmed. (Contact Noelle or 0871686869)

8th May 2018 @7.30pm Killybegs – Niall Mor Centre, Killybegs (Contact Kathy or 0874126400)

16th May 2018 @7.30pm – Raphoe, The Volt House, The Diamond Raphoe (Contact Aisling or 086 8257549)

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