What is life like for Travellers in Donegal today?


As a community, Travellers have experienced extreme levels of racism, discrimination and social exclusion.
Traveller communities, in particular, continue to experience discrimination in numerous aspects of their daily life including employment, housing, education and the provision of health services.

So what is life like for Travellers in County Donegal?

Are the same levels of discrimination felt by Travellers here?

The link contains a very special DTP Trav Times Newsletter which features interviews with 21 Travellers from throughout the county. These interviews come from a wide range of people and include the perspectives of both men and women, Travellers of all ages, Travellers living in caravans and Travellers living in houses.

The newsletter shares the personal stories and challenges faced by Travellers in County Donegal today. Thanks to the DTP for letting us share this and also thank you to each and every one of the Travellers who have shared their story.