Pilates Class:
4 week course- 1 hour

Pilates or
Mat Pilates (depends on age and abilities) but more than likely Mat Pilates if
a mixed age group, explaining modified to intermediate so everyone can do what
level suits them.  Working out the inner core muscles in every part of the
body, nothing needed to do class, just a rug or something under you if you have
no exercise mat.

Cookery Class: 4 week class- 45 mins
to 1 hour

by Dr. Elizabeth McKenzie qualified chef and lecturer in Killybegs I.T

All recipes
are quick, easy and affordable.

Recipes are a
mixture of dinner idea, salads, baking, snacks and much more.

Beginners Art Class: 5 weeks- 1 hour

Demonstration class starter painting. 

  • Week 1: What is acrylic paint? Materials to
  • Week 1 lesson 1 landscape.
  • Week 2 lesson still life.
  • Week 3 lesson seascape 
  • Week 4 figures in the landscape. 
  • Week 5 lesson flowers. 

Mindfulness in Practice: 5 week
course-45 min to 1 hour


  • The intention or goal of your
  • Physical set up of your practice
  • Tailoring a practice to suit your
    lifestyle and temperament
  • Realistic goals when meditating,
    ie small steps “I have tried but I cannot quieten my mind myself”
  • Each week 15 minute actual
    mindfulness session.

Programme: 4 weeks- 1 hour

aim of the Boost programme is to motivate participants to be more proactive in looking
after their own health and wellbeing. The programme is designed to be
entertaining and interactive, so that participant feel relaxed and learn new
tips and tricks on how to look after themselves better.

Topic covered:

  • When we care for ourselves, not only do we feel better but those all around us benefit!
  • Making specific plans helps you achieve your goals, making you a happier person.
  • Learning how to process unwanted emotions, makes for a happier life. 
  • When we say no to the things that do not lift our spirit we can then say yes to the things that do !

Registration is now open for our free June Wellbeing classes.
Register online
or by calling 0873601503

Free Wellbeing classes launched by DLDC CoH-Sync Health Project
Registration is now open for our free June Wellbeing classes.Register online by calling 0873601503
Posted by Community Health Sync Project on Tuesday, June 9, 2020